Wire Rope Sling Common Combinations

LKS specialise in the manufacture of wire rope slings in all constructions for many applications. We have equipment in house to enable us to press up to 36mm diameter wire rope. All slings are produced using general engineering wire ropes manufactured to BS EN 12385–4 and working loads should conform to BS EN 13414-1: 2003.Typical Sling arrangements – (WLL = Working Load Limit)

Cradle Slings

Lifting coils, steel strip, etc.

Basket Hitch SWL = 1.4 x WLL of sling

Protect Rope from sharp corners.

Cradle Slings

Lifting boilers and packaging cases, etc.

Double Basket Hitch SWL = 2.1 x WLL of sling.

Halshing Slings

Method using a single sling in place of an endless sling where a ‘bight’ is required. A stirrup fitted temporarily in the bight will minimise damage to the sling.

Double and Choked. SWL = 1.6 x WLL of sling.

Double Wrap Slings

Note how the double wrap grips the load and helps to prevent it from slipping sideways out of the slings.

Double Wrap Basket Hitch SWL = 2.1 x WLL of sling.

Combination Slings

Timber steel sheets and packing cases, etc.

N.B. Maximum angle between legs is 90º
Reeving Slings

Lifting tubes, bars and rods, etc.

Double Choke Hitch SWL = 1.1 x WLL of sling.

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