Bright Wire rope unqualified picture summary! Real pictures of situations

High Quality Bright Wire Rope from LKS

The specification and model of bright wire rope shall meet the requirements of tower crane operation manual, with good lubrication and no friction with metal structure. The steel wire rope shall not be twisted, flattened, bent, broken strand, cage shaped distortion and broken core, and shall not be seriously worn. (the diameter shall not be reduced by 7%, and the number of broken wires shall not be greater than 10% of the total number.)

WIre Rope Bending
Wire Rope Broken Wires
single strand broken wires
broken core
wire rope rustiness
Flattening, kinking, cage distortion (loose strands)
Cage deformation
wire rope Kink
wire rope is flattened and not aligned
broken wires
Cage distortion
Bright Wire Rope Squash
broken strands
not neat wire rope
broken core 2
broken wires 2
broken strands 2
Cage deformation 2

The main wire rope is an item that must be checked in the inspection. If the main wire rope is not qualified, it can be judged that the tower crane installation is unqualified. Please check yourself.

The steel wire rope is an important link in the hoisting process, and any slip or loss will lead to major events. Therefore, the inspection of steel wire rope is particularly important. TST steel wire rope flaw detection system is suitable for single person to carry, or easy to temporarily install and transfer. It can detect the static and non moving steel wire rope, and can also detect the moving wire rope.

A、 What should the wire rope check?

  1. Whether the wire is broken: the steel wire whose crack or scar has reached half of the diameter of the steel wire is regarded as broken wire.
  2. Check wear and damage: pay attention to concentric wear and eccentric wear.
  3. Corrosion: check the degree of corrosion, pitting corrosion and pitting corrosion. It is easy to corrode in rainy season in South China.
  4. Deformation: check the twist, waviness and flatness to confirm the deformation degree.
  5. Arc and heat effect: if the steel wire is found to be tempered or burnt, the wire shall be broken.
  6. Check the fastening parts of the rope end: check whether the fixed part of the rope end is pulled out or sliding due to the defects, cracks and deformation of the pressing block.
  7. At the same time, pay attention to the drum and pulley: check the wear condition at the bottom of rope groove and the rotation of pulley.

B、 In case of any of the following conditions, the wire rope shall be scrapped:

  1. For the cross-wound wire rope, the number of broken wires in a lay length (refers to the axial distance around a circle of any wire rope strand) reaches 10% of the total number of wires in the rope.
  2. The number of scrapped broken wires of wire rope for hoisting hot metal or dangerous goods shall behalf of that of the general crane, i.e. 5%.
  3. The corrosion or wear of the steel wire on the surface layer of the wire rope reaches 40% of the original wire diameter on the surface.
  4. The wire rope has obvious internal corrosion.
  5. The diameter of the wire rope is reduced by 7%.
  6. There are cracks or slip deformation at the joint between the steel wire rope and aluminum alloy; the splicing part of the spliced steel wire rope is seriously pulled off; the joint between the cast steel wire rope anchorage and the steel wire rope is displaced, resulting in the pull-out phenomenon.
  7. There are wear or corrosion on the surface of Bright wire rope and a certain number of broken wires.
  8. The whole strand is broken or burnt out.
  9. The elongation of partial outer steel wire rope is “cage” shape or the diameter of steel wire rope fiber core increases seriously.
  10. Serious deformation of wire rope, such as kinking, dead angle, hard bending, plastic deformation, hemp core falling out, etc.

LKS offer long service life bright wire rope for different applications

Bright steel wire rope refers to general wire rope without surface treatment, free from zinc, tin, copper and other types of metallic coatings. So they are normally lubricated with grease to protect the wire rope from corroding.


  • Made of high quality high carbon steel.
  • With lower price than galvanized wire ropes.
  • Capable to carry same loads as galvanized wire ropes.
  • Long lasting if used in climate controlled environments.
  • Available in the diameter from 1.2mm to 19mm.


  • Lifting cranes.
  • Tackles.
  • Choker ropes.
  • Machines in various industries.
  • Dredging.
  • Excavating.

bright wire rope

A coil if bright steel wire rope is fully lubricated for shinny surface.

  • Trolley lines.
  • Logging.
  • Oil.
  • Boom lines.
  • Marine applications.
  • Winch lines.




China Bright Wire Rope

6 × 7 FC

Chinese Wire Rope manufacture

6 × 19 FC


6 × 19 IWRC


6 × 21 FC & Filler wire

Ungalvanized Wire Rope manufacture

6 × 26 IWRC & Compacted

Chinese Bright Wire Rope Manufacture

6 × 37 FC & WS

High quality bright wire rope from China

6 × 37 IWRC & WS


19 × 7 WSC & Rotation resistant

Bright Wire Rope supplier from China

8 × 19 IWRC & Rotation resistant

Chinese wire rope supplier

19 × 19 WSC & Rotation resistant

Here, the word “bright” doesn’t mean shiny. Normally, the shiny surface of wire ropes only occurs when they are submerged in oil.

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