7×7 Galvanized aircraft cable is one of the most common, cost effective and versatile wire ropes. The 7×7 construction is of medium flexibility and is used in many of the same applications as 7×19 GAC but where a little less flexibility is needed. This small diameter wire rope is not intended for aircraft use, but designed for industrial, agricultural and marine applications.

Meets the Performance requirements of Applicable Federal Specification RR-W-410.

Independent Lab tested and verified.

Aircraft Cable is mainly used to control the rudder, aileron, engine, landing gear, compass needle corrector and so on. The rope has a higher performance requirement than ordinary steel wire rope because of its special use environment, safety and reliability and long time use. For example, the tensile strength requirement is more than 1865MPa; the fatigue tests under different tension are required according to the structure and specifications. After fatigue test, the worn parts should have enough strength, that is, breaking force (see wire rope inspection) can not be less than 50% of the breaking force specified by the wire rope. Aircraft Cable also requires high corrosion resistance.

Choose from two materials: stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel wire rope. Standard utility cable and fittings are suitable for most applications. We are certified to manufacture wire rope to MIL-DTL-83420. And, we offer standard end fittings to let you use aircraft cable as small as 1/16 inch in diameter. If you need one even smaller than that, please call us.

7x7 Galvanized aircraft cable
Ø WeightMBK 1960MBK 2160
mm kg/100mkNkN
1.5 0.861.581.74
2 1.542.813.10
2.5 2.404.404.85
3 3.466.336.98
3.5 4.708.629.50
4 6.1411.312.4
5 9.6017.619.4
6 13.825.327.9
7 18.834.538.0
8 24.645.049.6
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