5/8″ Fiber Core Wire Rope Sling Winch Cables with Swivel Self Locking Hooks

5/8″ Fiber Core Wire Rope Sling Winch Cables with Swivel Self Locking Hooks

Also known as winch lines, car carrier cables, wire rope, and rollback tow truck cables, these cables are superior due to the hand splice and swage sleeve end terminations.

All winch lines are right regular lay. Meets or exceeds all DOT requirements

Construction: 6 x 19 Fiber Core
Hook Size: 6 Ton Hook – Swivel Self Locking Hook – Hook color may vary from picture
Breaking Strength: 36,600 LBS


Safety Note: Minimum Break Strength – apply to new unused wire rope assemblies. Always use the size and type of wire rope specified by the wrecker or winch manufacturer. Never exceed the working load limit.

5/8" Fiber Core Wire Rope And Sling Winch Cables With Swivel Self Locking Hooks
Wire Rope SizeConstructionLength (ft)Breaking Strength (lbs)Weight (lbs)
5/16″6×19 Class5010,54012.09
5/16″6×19 Class7510,54016.59
5/16″6×19 Class10010,54021.09
5/16″6×19 Class12510,54025.59
5/16″6×19 Class15010,54030.09
3/8″6×19 Class5015,10016.25
3/8″6×19 Class7515,10022.75
3/8″6×19 Class10015,10029.25
3/8″6×19 Class12515,10035.75
3/8″6×19 Class15015,10042.25
7/16″6×19 Class5020,40023.49
7/16″6×19 Class7520,40032.24
7/16″6×19 Class10020,40040.99
7/16″6×19 Class12520,40049.74
7/16″6×19 Class15020,40058.49
1/2″6×19 Class5026,60029.27
1/2″6×19 Class7526,60040.77
1/2″6×19 Class10026,60052.27
1/2″6×19 Class12526,60063.77
1/2″6×19 Class15026,60075.27
1/2″6×19 Class17526,60086.77
1/2″6×19 Class20026,60098.27
9/16″6×19 Class5033,60040.37
9/16″6×19 Class7533,60055.12
9/16″6×19 Class10033,60069.87
9/16″6×19 Class12533,60084.62
9/16″6×19 Class15033,60099.37
9/16″6×19 Class17533,600114.12
9/16″6×19 Class20033,600128.87
5/8″6×19 Class5041,20047.15
5/8″6×19 Class7541,20065.15
5/8″6×19 Class10041,20083.15
5/8″6×19 Class12541,200101.15
5/8″6×19 Class15041,200119.15
5/8″6×19 Class17541,200137.15
5/8″6×19 Class20041,200155.15
5/8″6×19 Class22541,200173.15
5/8″6×19 Class25041,200191.15
3/4″6×19 Class5058,80072.37
3/4″6×19 Class7558,80098.37
3/4″6×19 Class10058,800124.37
3/4″6×19 Class12558,800150.37
3/4″6×19 Class15058,800176.37
3/4″6×19 Class17558,800202.37
3/4″6×19 Class20058,800228.37
3/4″6×19 Class22558,800254.37
3/4″6×19 Class25058,800280.37
3/4″6×19 Class27558,800306.37
3/4″6×19 Class30058,800332.37

How to choose material:1stain1.1.1.

1.Stainless steel :

Providing good corrosion resistance and strength comparable to galvanized carbon steel grades.

2.Galvanized steel:

Zinc coated carbon steel offers some corrosion resistance. It remains ductile over long periods of working. Usually higher break strengths than stainless steels.


Nominal DiameterApproximate MassMinimum breaking loads – 1770 Mpa

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