LKS Steel wire rope factory is a professional and an advanced level factory in China with annual design capacity 100000t. The products cover all the size from Φ1.8mm to Φ260mm with various point and line contacts wire rope, compacted strand wire rope and steel cable which are widely used in the field of metallurgy, machinery, construction, shipbuilding, transportation, mining industry, petroleum, marine engineering, etc


Custom assemblies and fittings tailored to your needs.


We press wire rope up to a force of 3000tons


Add the finishing touch to your wire rope and fittings.


We only use the best resin when securing wire rope.

Crane wire ropes play an important role in ensuring a smooth conduct of work processes in harbors, off-shore platforms or various other applications

From hoisting to hauling, you can rely on our ropes to meet the demands— ensures convenient sourcing for all your surface mining needs, including specialized applications.

For the oil and gas industry, finding and accessing new sources of energy depends on global availability of extraordinarily tough drilling lines that let you explore…

Our tried and tested forestry ropes are usually peened in order to generate a higher metallic cross section and thus higher breaking forces…

We work closely with our customers to provide solutions for every application, which is how many of our specialty products were engineered.

Foundation Drilling, ROPES FOR STONE SAWS, Power & Communication Pulling Lines, ALPINE ROPES,elavator equipment & assesories

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