3×36 Swaged Wire Rope

These 3 Swaged Wire Rope are ideal for pulling lines in electrical transmission line construction. Rotary swaging the rope results in an exceptionally compact rope cross-section. This increases surface area, which improves rope contact with sheaves and on drums, thereby providing greater resistance to surface wear and abrasion while reducing wear on sheaves. The smooth surface also helps reduce wear on underground conduits. Lengths may be fitted with flemish-eye ends.

What is It?
Swaged wire rope is made by compacting regular wire rope into a smaller, denser diameter. Density is key, because the higher weight per foot is what produces the increased strength and toughness you get with swaged wire rope.

Who Uses It?
For us, the biggest market is logging although wire rope is used by folks in various industries all over the world. Swaged wire rope–and Impact Swaged Wire Rope, which is even more stout–holds up extremely well to rough, rugged use. It really shines in skyline, guyline, dropline and drumline applications. This is not only due to its strength, but also because it is smoother and therefore spools better and is less prone to abrasion.

Buy in Bulk and Save!
These rope is commonly sold in longer lengths, anywhere from 300 ft and up. When buying in bulk we pass along steep discounts. Also, because our buying volume is so high, we are able to pass along tremendous savings. If you’re looking for multiple lines (such as when rigging up a yarder), then give us a call and let us work up a quote for you.

3x36 swaged wire rope 
  • Increased surface area
  • Better rope contact with sheaves and on drums
  • Fatigue resistant
3×36 Swaged Strength and Weights Chart (inches)
Minimum Breaking Force
(tons of 2000 lbs

Special constructions and diameters available upon request – please contact us directl

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