LWR-6-6 C Logging Wire Rope

LIn the demanding world of the logging industry, the name of the game is highest strength and longest life. And that’s where LKS excels. No matter where the logging operation is in the world, we can deliver tough, compacted, consistent Logging wire Rope to our distributors and their end customers.

Swaged logging wire rope is made by compacting regular wire rope into a smaller, denser diameter. Density is key, because the higher weight per foot is what produces the increased strength and toughness you get with swaged logging wire rope

 Our tried and tested forestry ropes are usually peened in order to generate a higher metallic cross section and thus higher breaking forces, and in order to create as smooth a rope surface as possible. In particular in rocky terrain, this offers fewer contact surfaces that can be damaged. The use of peened ropes is also advantageous with multi-layer winding on rope winches. Furthermore, the service life of the rope can be significantly increased by special lubrication which, in particular, substantially reduces friction and corrosion.

LWR-6-6 C Logging Wire Rope
  • Rope category number (RCN) 08 according to ISO 4309
  • Warrington-Seale construction
  • Double rope compaction
Ø WeightMetallic
MBK 1960
mm kg/100mmm2kN
8 36.942.367.6
10 54.161.898.7
11 63.974.7118
12 74.586.0137
13 86.099.7156
14 98.3114180
15 111125203
16 125141234
17 144164260
18 167182285
19 178201313
20 196220344
22 236262406
24 280308482
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