Marine Wire Rope Lubricator SIMPLUBE System

Brief introduction

The way we adopt is to clamp the wire rope in the middle of the wire rope lubricator, and the wire rope can move back and forth in the lubricator. Oil is supplied to the wire rope lubricator by a lubricating pump, and high-pressure grease will enter the inside of the wire rope, thus effectively lubricating the wire rope. The wire rope is continuously lubricated through the wire rope lubricator, and through the part it will be lubricated. This kind of wire rope has high lubrication efficiency and good effect.

The wire rope lubrication system can provide high-pressure lubricant for quantitative injection or injection into the wire rope which needs lubrication, and can clean the dirt between the surface and grooves of the wire rope. At the same time, the air between the strands of the wire rope is extruded, and fresh grease is injected into the strands of the wire rope. Each segment of the wire rope passes through the middle of the wire rope lubricator. When the balloon valve is opened and the compressed gas enters the high-pressure grease pump, the barreled lubricant is pumped into the steel rope lubricator chamber through the high-pressure pipeline. The high- pressure lubricant can penetrate the steel rope per share and lubricate the steel rope adequately. At present, the most scientific, safe, efficient and applicable lubrication method is to calculate the oil supply according to the wire rope’s thickness and running speed, and to ensure that lubricants are not wasted.

The system consists of sealing components suitable for wire rope size specifications, wire rope fixing clamp, wire rope groove cleaning brush and high pressure grease pump system. Sealing assembly, wire rope clamp and wire rope cleaning brush are integral parts of the system. Customer site must be equipped with air source and wire rope lubricant. Different air pressures and lubricants with different viscosities are required for different wire rope speeds, which are specified in the operating manual of each wire rope system.


Class I 16mm-50mm

Class II 40mm-70mm


The maintenance system is widely used in hydropower stations, ships, locks, ports, wharfs, mines and other occasions of cable equipment, such as hoisters, hoists, elevators, drilling, tower cranes, etc.


Clean and invincible, high efficiency, safety, efficiency is more than 5 times higher than manual work, light weight, easy installation, fast adjustment, can ensure that the cable is fully lubricated, strong penetration, no failure, prolong the service life of the cable, save maintenance costs.


The greaser is clamped on the steel cable and fixed with two elastic parts. When the steel cable moves, each section passes through the middle of the greaser, and the slag remover works at the same time. Open the ball valve, compressed gas enters, pneumatic plunger pump beats out the barreled grease and injects it into the greaser through the high-pressure oil pipe. The high-pressure grease can penetrate the steel cable, lubricate the steel cable sufficiently, and coat the surface with a thin layer. Oil supply is calculated according to the thickness and running speed of the cable, which can be easily adjusted by the control valve. This not only ensures the full lubrication of the cable, but also ensures that the grease will not be wasted. It is a scientific, safe, economic, efficient and applicable lubrication method.


Product Show

Wire Rope Lubricator

Wire Rope Lubricator


Name Brand Model Quantity
Pneumatic butter pump SIMPLUBE 45164-4t 1 pc
Butter platen SIMPLUBE 33015-3 1 pc
Lid SIMPLUBE 338166 1
Compressed air hose SIMPLUBE 46657 5 m
Quick connector SIMPLUBE 30136 2 pc
Quick connector SIMPLUBE 30369 2 pc
Air source regulating valve SIMPLUBE 44080-188 1 pc
Straight through connector
 SIMPLUBE 22626 1 pc
Straight through connector
 SIMPLUBE 28999-1 1 pc
Pneumatic triple SIMPLUBE 44080-189 1 pc
Rubber hose SIMPLUBE 41638-2 5 m
Straight through connector SIMPLUBE 43708 2 pc
Steel Cable Lubricator SIMPLUBE 41606 1 pc
Hoisting ring SIMPLUBE 64217 2 pc
Seal assembly SIMPLUBE 64216 4 pc
Seal assembly SIMPLUBE 64216 4 pc
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