GOWR-619P Oil & Gas Wire Rope

LKS develops and produces innovative steel wire rope solutions of consistently high quality for the high demands of the oil and gas sector. Decades of cooperation with system and crane manufacturers have strived, and continue to strive, superior results in steel wire rope design. Only joint efforts with both customers and wire material suppliers have allowed us to produce high performance steel wire ropes that successfully withstand the climatic conditions encountered on Oil & Gas platforms. Salt water, wind, sand, etc. are environmental factors LKS steel wire ropes are able to handle withstand. 

Gas & oilfield wire ropes with higher breaking strength, excellent flexibility, better rotation resistance and extended lifespan are urgently needed with the development of gas and oil industry. These steel wire ropes are designed to increase the productivity on rigs and minimize downtime.


  • Material: high carbon wires or other custom materials.
  • Standard: complying with API standards.
  • Tensile strength: 1370N/mm2 up to 2260N/mm2.
  • Coating: zinc coating or other custom coating upon request.
  • Styles: regular, swaged, compacted or non-compacted.
GOWR-619P Oil & Gas Wire Rope


  • For rotary drilling line.
  • Six seale strands.
  • Plastic impregnated rope for distributing internal stresses and keeping dirt out.
  • Can withstand sunlight, cold weather and high operating temperature.
1/2″6×1911.7 T0.45 lb/ftWRC6-008
5/8″6×1918.6 T0.72 lb/ftWRC6-010
3/4″6×3126.3 T1.02 lb/ftWRC6-012
7/8″6×3136.4 T1.41 lb/ftWRC6-014
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