GOWR-9SW Oil & Gas Wire Rope

GOWR-67FC Oil & Gas Wire Rope

Gas & oilfield wire ropes with higher breaking strength, excellent flexibility, better rotation resistance and extended lifespan are urgently needed with the development of gas and oil industry. These steel wire rope are designed to increase the productivity on rigs and minimize downtime.

For the oil and gas industry, finding and accessing new sources of energy depends on global availability of extraordinarily tough drilling lines that let you explore and extract resources buried deep beneath the surface. Union drilling lines are like our engineers and personnel – with you day-in, day-out helping you produce on the rig. Offshore, land, workover or whatever the rig may be – we know the right rope for your application. You can count on Union’s outstanding quality and support wherever your rig may be.

  • Drilling.
  • Marine riser tensioner.
  • Offshore cranes and winches.
  • Platforms.
  • Deep water mooring.
  • Various geophysical applications.


  • Material: high carbon wires or other custom materials.
  • Standard: complying with API standards.
  • Tensile strength: 1370N/mm2 up to 2260N/mm2.
  • Coating: zinc coating or other custom coating upon request.
  • Styles: regular, swaged, compacted or non-compacted
GOWR-9SW Oil & Gas Wire Rope


  • For sand line.
  • Six steel strands.
  • With fiber core.
  • Designed for harsh conditions.
  • Lager outer wires.
  • Excellent abrasion and fatigue resistance.
  • Right regular lay

6×7 Class Strength & Weights Chart (millimeters)

Approx. Weight
Minimum Breaking Force
(Metric Tons)

Reference specifications:  ASTM-A-1023; API 9A

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