6×19+FC/IWS galvanized steel wire rope DIN3060


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What is Hot Dip Galvanized Cable?

In hot dip galvanized cable, each uncoated steel wire is immersed in a molten zinc bath. Prior to dipping, the wires are put through a rigorous 7-step caustic cleaning process and then dipped into the molten zinc at a temperature of around 860°F/460°C. As it’s withdrawn from the molten bath, the material cools and forms a coating of zinc on the steel. The wires are then formed into strands and then the strands are helically formed into the finished cable or wire rope configuration.


Hot dip galvanizing provides much better corrosion resistance than electro galvanization because the zinc coating is typically 5 to 10 times thicker. For outdoor or caustic applications where corrosion-resistance is required, hot dip galvanized cable is the clear choice.

Advantages of Hot Dip Galvanized Cable

  • Longer service life than electro galvanized
  • Process creates an iron-zinc alloy layer on the steel surface and a pure zinc coating on the outer surface. The alloy is very hard and resistant to typical abrasions.
  • Normal coating thickness can be up to 10 times thicker than electro galvanized coating

Disadvantages of Hot Dip Galvanized Cable

  • Dull finish can be streaky, contain drips, and is typically not applicable in architectural or aesthetic applications
  • Significantly more expensive than electro galvanized cable (approximately 40% more expensive for comparable products)
  • Galvanic thickness can be inconsistent across the product


Because it offers superior corrosion resistance compared to electro galvanized cable, hot dip galvanized cable can be used for any application where the cable will be exposed to the natural elements or a caustic environment. Hot dip galvanized cable can be used for fencing or perimeters for construction sites, parking garages, farm and livestock facilities, and much more.


Hot dip galvanized wire rope can also be used for lifting and rigging in crane application and with outdoor winches or pulley systems. Professional zip lines are also another popular use as the cable can withstand corrosion in moist and humid environments.


galvanized steel or stainless steel

Constuction 1×7, 1×19, 6×7, 7×7, 6×19, 7×19, etc
Diameter 1-20mm
Packing Wooden reels, coils
HS Code 7312100000
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Sample We can provide reference samples if available in stock, but the sample delivery cost should be borne by customer.

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6x19+FC/IWS galvanized steel wire rope DIN30606x19+FC/IWS galvanized steel wire rope DIN30606x19+FC/IWS galvanized steel wire rope DIN30606x19+FC/IWS galvanized steel wire rope DIN3060

Process of Wire Rope Production

How to order:

 In ordering steel wire rope, you are requested to give us complete information as specified below:

a. Purpose: For which rope will be used.

b. Size: Diameter of the rope in millimeter or inches

c. Construction: Number of strands, number of wires per strand and type of strand construction.

d. Type of Core: Fiber core( FC), independent wire rope core(IWRC) or independent wire strand core(IWSC).

e. Lay: Right regular lay, left regular lay, right lang lay, left lang lay.

f. Coating: Bright(ungalvanized), galvanized or stainless, PVC or Grease.

g. Grade of wire: Tensile strength of wires.

h. Breaking Load: Minimum or calculated breaking load in tones or pounds.

i. Lubrication: Whether lubrication is desired or not, and required lubricant.

j. Length: Length of wire rope.

k. Packing: In coils wrapped with oil paper and hessian(orp.p) cloth, or on wooden reels.

l. Quantity: By number of coils or reels, by length or weight.

m. Remarks: Shipping marks and any other special requirement.

Brand Name




Place of Origin


Alloy Or Not




Wire Gauge


Tensile strength


Steel Grade

Galvanized steel




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