High Quality 7×19 Wire Cable Galvanized Steel Wire Rope


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What is Electro Galvanized Cable?

Electro galvanization is a form of zinc electro plating where a thin layer of zinc is electrically and chemically bonded to steel in order to protect against rust and corrosion.
During this process, bare steel wires are fully immersed in a saline/zinc bath and electricity is used to move electrons from the zinc (anode) and bond them to the steel (cathode). In this case, the zinc acts as a barrier layer on top of the steel to prevent corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel or iron. The wires are then formed into strands and then the strands are helically formed into the finished cable or wire rope configuration.
When the process is complete, the finished coating is smooth, drip-free, and shiny—making it ideal for architectural applications or other applications where its aesthetic characteristics would be of value. However, once it’s exposed to the elements, the finish can quickly deteriorate.


Key Word High Strength Galvanized Steel Wire Rope 7×19
Structure 1×19,1×7, 7×7, 6×7+fc, 7×19
Application Industry
Place of Origin Jiangsu,China
Hs Code 7312100000
Tensile Strength 1550-1860mpa
Diameter 1-20mm
Standard GB,AISI, DIN
Package Wooden Reels, coils

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High Quality 7x19 Wire Cable Galvanized Steel Wire RopeHigh Quality 7x19 Wire Cable Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

How to order:

 In ordering steel wire rope, you are requested to give us complete information as specified below:

a. Purpose: For which rope will be used.

b. Size: Diameter of the rope in millimeter or inches

c. Construction: Number of strands, number of wires per strand and type of strand construction.

d. Type of Core: Fiber core( FC), independent wire rope core(IWRC) or independent wire strand core(IWSC).

e. Lay: Right regular lay, left regular lay, right lang lay, left lang lay.

f. Coating: Bright(ungalvanized), galvanized or stainless, PVC or Grease.

g. Grade of wire: Tensile strength of wires.

h. Breaking Load: Minimum or calculated breaking load in tones or pounds.

i. Lubrication: Whether lubrication is desired or not, and required lubricant.

j. Length: Length of wire rope.

k. Packing: In coils wrapped with oil paper and hessian(orp.p) cloth, or on wooden reels.

l. Quantity: By number of coils or reels, by length or weight.

m. Remarks: Shipping marks and any other special requirement.


Construction Materilals

Place of Origin

Shanghai, China




Galvanized steel wire

Model Number


Wire Gauge


Surface treatment

Hot Galvanized

Tensile strength


Brand Name


Special Use

Cold Heading Steel



Alloy Or Not



Coil Packing

Product name

High Quality 7×19 Wire Cable Galvanized Steel Wire Rope





Steel Grade

carbon steel


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